Heat Pump Reviews

heatpumparrayGeothermal energy pumps are slowly gaining place in homes, especially as the government supports their installation with a generous federal tax incentive. As the technology has developed, the efficiency rating of the available systems has increased immensely.  At this time, there are not very many companies producing heat pumps, and so competition is not as intense as it could be.  Nevertheless, some excellent quality products are available. This page provides links to reviews of some of the better systems.

For those that live in apartments, or choose not to go through the disruption of installing a geothermal heat pump, I am including links to some of the better air source heat pumps as well.

Please note: It is sometimes (but not always!) possible to get these products a bit cheaper through Amazon.com.  The links on this page are to a supplier that includes excellent after sale service, with guarantees on deliveries, repairs and replacements.  If you are going to put out the money for an expensive product like this, make sure that you get the support that you need after purchase!

Air Source Heat Pump Reviews

Air source heat pumps are not as efficient for heating as ground source heat pumps, especially in colder climates.  However, in cool climates, which have hot summers, they make an excellent source of heat in the winter, and double as air conditioners in the summer to keep your house cool.

One of the biggest considerations for purchasing a heat pump is to make sure that you get the right size for your home.  Use this interactive guide to help you decide which unit you need, so that you do not spend money on a system that is too small for your home.

Goodman Heat Pump Review

Ground Source Heat Pump Reviews

Geothermal Heat Pump with Install Kit
Ground Source Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient options for heating your home.  You have several options to choose from, and the size of system depends on the size of your home and the climate zone in which you live.  Before you buy a heat pump, go through this interactive checklist to determine the best unit for your home, and your climate zone.  Also decide on whether you want a horizontal array or a vertical array system.

Note on supplier: the Daikin group of companies is an umbrella company that owns several manufacturers.  For example, they own Goodman, who manufacture air source heat pumps (see above), and the McQuay company, which is one of the best manufacturers of 2 stage heat pumps.

The Daikin McQuay Range of Horizontal Array Heat Pumps
The Daikin McQuay Range of Vertical Array Heat Pumps